The Barn Project : 3 Sun Valley USA

Seeing the Unseen

8.3.16 - 9.20.16



It must be visible or invisible,
Invisible or visible or both:
A seeing and unseeing in the eye

--Wallace Stevens (from Notes to a Supreme Fiction)

Barn Project 3: Seeing the Unseen asks the question—what happens when we observe something for the first time, can we abandon our bias and expectation in order to fully explore what we are viewing?

When a viewer sees without self-restriction, receptively engages with complete attention and approaches an exhibition open-minded and clear-eyed, then there is an extraordinary opportunity to feel something new come alive.  The need to label and identify dissolves.  The need to assess or judge from a constricted construct or conceptual framework vanishes.  And when this happens, only then, will a viewer be left with a pristine, unclouded space from which to observe.

It is within this place-- between object and observer-- where awareness is cultivated, where a viewer gets a glimpse of the ever-now that is constantly present, an immediacy which underpins each of these artworks.  From this awareness, the observer begins to see faint outlines of pleasure, of beauty, of possibility.  It is here that a viewer forms a relationship with art itself.  

With this exhibition Seeing the Unseen-- presented in dual-gallery venues at Aurobora & Harvey Art Projects-- Barn Project 3 attempts to create a bridge.  A bridge that links art practices from divergent cultures; a bridge which connects pairing compositions, substrates and mediums; a bridge that arches between individual artistic inspirations; but most importantly, a bridge which provides a vantage point for a viewer to establish affection for the unseen.