The Barn Project, established in 2014 by founding principals Julie Harvey & Michael
Liener (of Harvey Art Projects and Aurobora respectively), aims to broaden the dialogue
between traditional and contemporary art cultures by exploring connections and cultivating
the common turf that continues to change and shift between artistic visions current in the
art world. In doing so, The Barn Project’s mission is to highlight not only the universality of
contemporary art but to emphasize the intriguing intersections as they emerge and take root.

A barn-raising is a collective action of a community in which a space for one of the members
is built collectively by members of the community. It is collaboration coupled with vision that
precipitates positive change. And likewise, it is through collaborative effort among artist
communities that art becomes a stepping stone for social engagement, for altering calcified
conceptions, for shifting global viewpoints, and ultimately for a regenerative shift in perception.

In this spirit, The Barn Project fuses the artistic vision of contemporary artists from around the
world, including indigenous art movements rarely seen in the context of contemporary
international exhibitions.

Over the course of each calendar year, The Barn Project facilitates a select number of programs
where invited artists from the venue’s host country exhibit alongside international and indigenous
artists. This confluence of expression and experimentation opens a window of observation which
allows for seeing invisible connections. It is the fidelity of these collaborative efforts that are both
at the heart of the creative process and the essential components in the ongoing international
exhibitions generated by The Barn Project.